Tennis fever is about to hit Australia, with all the action of the Australian Open from January 14-27. The world’s top players are confirmed for what’s set to be a brilliant 2019 competition. If that makes you want to pull out your sweatbands and ‘ace’ it on the court, why not celebrate with a tennis-themed party?

The theme is ideal for any sort of January event, whether it's a back-to-work party at the office or a community fundraiser. Here’s how to pull it off.

1. Hold a round robin tournament

There are plenty of community tennis courts to hire for a few hours, or even the whole day. A round robin tournament allows everyone to play each other over several matches and the player or team with the highest winning record, wins!

It’s not all about sweating it out on court though, of course. The players will be ravenous after a few rounds, so hire party food catering in Sydney to keep them going. Music is the best way to create an exciting atmosphere, with a playlist of high-energy tunes, on high rotation. For children too young to play with the adults, enlist them as ball boys and girls, just like the ones on TV.

2. Throw an elegant garden party

It’s always a good time for a summer garden party. Tennis gives you an excuse to host an elegant, English-inspired event. When you invite your guests, ask them to dress in vintage tennis wear, which you can find online or in costume shops. That way, you’ll have a real-life backdrop for entertainment.

Use yellow, green and white as the colour scheme. Fake grass is a fantastic prop for this type of party and can be used for table runners, to cover concrete or to define a games area. For further decoration, hang tennis balls or racquets from trees, use vintage furniture and string yellow, green and white bunting across entranceways.

An elegant garden party wouldn’t be the same without teeny sandwiches. Make yours extra special with the help of toppings from a wholesale relish supplier in Sydney, and serve them on high tea platters.

 3. Set up your own stadium

Watching your favourite tennis players on the big screen is just as exciting as playing yourself, if not more so on a particularly hot day! Check out the competition schedule and arrange a date for your party that coincides with a full day or night of live grand slam coverage.

There are plenty of ways to set up your own stadium, and you can hire a big screen (or two!). Easy options for ‘stadium’ seating include bean bags, or if the budget allows, you can hire chairs. You could also add bar tables and stools around the outside of the main seating area to give guests somewhere to sit and eat comfortably away from the action.

The tennis will provide all the entertainment you need, complete with a roaring crowd of guests for atmosphere. And, there’s one more thing that’s sure to make your tennis stadium a raging success. A hot dog stand, of course!