A new year is the perfect time to set the scene for increased productivity at the office. One of the best ways to do this is to boost office morale with a few small changes that breathe new life in the workplace.

That way, rather than groaning about returning to work, your staff will feel excited and eager to get back into it!

Redecorate the workplace

When’s the last time you had a good look at the overall appearance of your office? It’s easy to get so used to an environment that you barely notice things like clutter, shabby chairs or disorganised systems. Give your staff a surprise by redecorating and invigorating their workspace.

To create a space that’s inviting and inspiring, consider using colour by painting a feature wall or hanging artworks. Make use of natural light by keeping window treatments simple and as minimal as possible. Indoor plants not only help clean the air, but they instantly spruce up small areas.

Most importantly, tidy up all that office clutter and update or re-arrange furniture for a fresh appeal.

Invest time in training

Office culture can get a little stale when everyone’s been doing the same thing, in the same way, for too long. Evaluate job roles in your company to see how they can be enhanced, in order to define a sense of purpose and encourage pride in your employees. While you’re doing this, ask for feedback from employees to gauge how you might help them to help the company.

Perhaps staff could benefit from a training course to increase their skills. Or, consider bringing in guest speakers with expertise within your industry, to highlight new ideas or systems.

You could also switch up outdated operating systems, to increase efficiency and offer staff another opportunity to pick up new skills. The most important thing is to ensure your employees are challenged and learning new things on a regular basis.

Introduce new incentives

It’s fun to come back to work and discover new incentives for motivation. Whether big or small, almost anything serves as a morale booster. If you don’t have one already, set up a coffee station and include a bowl of fruit.

Clear a prominent wall and create an acknowledgement board, to recognise team members for their efforts on a regular basis.

Develop an exciting workplace tradition to get staff out of the office and bonding as a team. You could organise group fitness classes or have everyone take their lunch to the park on a weekly basis. Throw quarterly events for everyone to look forward to, with team building games and event catering in Sydney for something extra special.

Give staff something to look forward to

Lastly, schedule in a surprise event at the beginning of the year, to ease the pain of coming back to work after the festive season. Just imagine how happy your staff will be if you surprise them with a hot dog stand for lunch one day!